• Who We Are

    CB Custom Computers was created by Brad Winecoff. Starting off with a few home based clients, CB Custom Computers quickly grew to what it is today, all through word of mouth advertising. CB Custom Computers thrives on reliable and dependable service; a service that people can count on. Upon gaining hundreds of satisfied clients, from the standard home computer - to home businesses - to large companies, CB Custom Computers became a leader in the industry in South Florida. Striving for excellence and promoting exceptional service in this trade, CB Custom Computers decided to expand its business to Western North Carolina and the Upstate, due to the love of the people and the region. What has been somewhat challenging and strenuous has finally developed into more than could have been imagined. Professionalism, combined with reliability have been the keys to success

    Why Choose Us

    "It has always been about people. I learned this very early in life and it has proved itself over and over again. Our clients are what have taken us to where we are today. We have always used word of mouth advertising and I am truly honored by that and the loyal clientele we have." Brad Winecoff

    You can always rely on CB Custom Computers to be:

  • Services overview

    All CB Custom Computers technicians and trainers undergo an extensive background check and are A plus certified or hold a comparable certificate in their area of expertise.

    Quality products are key to having a computer that will last for years to come. Here at CB Custom Computers we only use the best when building our computers.

    When calling into CB Custom Computers you can always count on talking to real people on the phone not a recording, our service center in based in the US. not outsourced to India like alot of companies.

    Rest assured when getting your PC or Laptop repaired - it will be done right the first time.

  • About Prices

    Onsite pricing is based on an hourly rate of $90.00. Upstate customers can bring their PC or Laptop to our home office at 35 Rolling Oaks Dr. Asheville NC 28806

    April Special Offers

    This month CB Custom Computers has a memory blowout, get any memory for a very discounted price!

    Price LIST

    All on-site visits for virus removal or cleanups
    $ 90.00 hr
    Computer tutoring or consulations
    $ 90.00 hr
    Wiring - Networking
    $ 150.00 hr
    Custom Built PC's starting at
    $ 600.00
    Refurbished PC's and Laptops starting at
    $ 250.00
    Laptop Screen Repair
    $ 150.00
    Data Recovery
    $ 150.00
    Emergency and Weekend Calls
    $ 150.00 hr
    Solid State Hard Drive Upgrades
    $ 90.00
    Memory Upgrades
    $ 80.00
    Software Upgrades
    $ 80.00
    Remote Assistance
    $ 50.00 hr
  • About Support

    CB Custom Computers has an array of different ways to get the best support available.

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    On-Site Service

    Get the friendliest on-site service (Home or office)- serving all of WNC and the Upstate

    In-store Service

    If you live in the WNC then you can drop off your PC to (35 Rolling Oaks Dr. Asheville NC 28806 ) where CB Custom Computers will repair it for you.

    Remote Assistance

    If you have a minor issue we can do remote assistance to save money and time for everyone. With Remote Assistance we can share your desktop and fix a number of issues from viruses, spyware, windwos errors and many other concerning issues. Click on the monitor to the left and signup with Logmein.com today.

    Call In

    Pick up the phone and chat with one of our qualified technicians 24/7 864-505-5261 or 828-407-0572

  • Descriptions

    Having a backup plan

    When you decide upon an online data backup service for your computer, it’s a good idea to create a total backup plan for your system. Using of the safe and secure online data backup services for your files is great, but it’s also a good idea to have an extra backup drive at your home to double your computer’s backup options, and to provide you with fast access to your backup files.

    The Online Data Backup Service Plan

    Whichever online data backup service you choose, it most likely comes with downloadable user interface software, or browser-based software that allows you to schedule your backups, access your files and more. Once you’ve set up the online data backup service to your specifications, it will take some time to upload the data you’ve selected to save, depending on the size of your files and your internet connection speed. If your computer is at home, we recommend letting it stay on overnight and back up your files when you’re not using it to take advantage of maximum bandwidth. If you’re online and actively surfing the web, it will slow down the backup. If your computer is at work, check with the IT department or your supervisor to see if you can keep the computer running on nights and weekends to back up your files. If your service provides automatic backups, the software and service will automatically detect new versions of your files and backup only those. Many online data backup services will also save a certain number – or even unlimited – versions of your files in case you need to access an old document or a previous version you may have deleted by accident.

    The External Hard Drive Plan

    Remember that even though an external hard drive may run the risk of crashing, being ruined in a fire or possibly being stolen, it’s important to have at least two copies of your computer’s data. If you have purchase a dedicated external hard drive, such as an affordable 1 or 2TB USB 2, FireWire or iLink drive, you have several options for backing up your files. The easiest way to backup your files to an external hard drive is to drag and drop the folders containing the documents, images, music and other files you want to preserve from your main drive to the external hard drive. The downside is that if you change files or add new ones, it can become tricky to either drag and drop each file to its respective folder or go through the time-consuming process of dragging and dropping each folder to the drive and copying the newer version over the previously backed up version. A better idea is to take advantage of software that you can set up to automatically back up new files to your external hard drive, similar to the way that online data backup services’ apps work.

    Data recovery

    We use some of the most sophisticated software on the market to help retrieve lost data, CB Custom Computers is proud to say that we have a 85% success rate in getting data off of damaged hard drives internal and external.

  • Our Location

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    35 Rolling Oaks Dr.,
    Asheville, NC 28806
    Telephone: 864-505-5261 / 828-407-0572
    E-mail: brad@cbcustomcomputers.com

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